"It ain't over until it's over": Election 2020 surely isn't yet over, Despite what the mainstream media MSM wants You to Think

By Mr. E

[ NOTE: The writer is an Independent, "NPA / No Party Affiliation,"
not a Democrat or Republican, and is not supporting any candidate

Even if you want to say instead "It ain't over until the fat lady sings", she still hasn't sung yet.

Throughout the entire 2020 election campaign the mainstream media MSM made little effort to hide their support for Biden, so of course it is in their interests to "project" him the winner when literally every single vote has still not yet been counted and not one single state has officially certified their voting totals, which is a legal necessity to proceed to the next step of being awarded that state's electoral votes.

The Electoral College is scheduled to vote on December 14, and those votes are supposed to be certified on December 23. Until the Electoral College votes are certified, NO ONE is president-elect.

With the certainty of recounts in at least two states and possibly more, the 2020 presidential election is far from over folks.

And this will hopefully be the undoing of the MSM, when they will be put to shame for prematurely declaring Biden president, because if he doesn't become president now and Trump gets the needed electoral votes and is determined to have won more electoral votes and a second term, the MSM deserves to quickly lose all credibility, forever.

Make no mistake about it: voters decide, NOT the MSM which has no right whatsoever to decide on behalf of the nation who will be the next president.

The MSM suffers from a moral superiority complex which expresses itself by them believing that they are the moral guardians of the nation entrusted with safeguarding, but their own behavior much more often than not lacks the slightest bit of good morals.

The MSM always claim to be truthful and unbiased, but the facts prove that reality is the exact opposite.

Due to sheer utter not even thinly veiled hatred, the MSM now are attempting to portray Trump as a sore loser, but the last laugh could still be upon them if:

a) any voting irregularities are still actually found, and/or

b) recounts reveal totals sufficiently different from the initial count, and/or

c) a court ruling or rulings orders changes to the vote totals.

And one or more of those possibilities is certainly realistic seeing that independent non-profit Judicial Watch, whose slogan is "Because no one is above the law", has found that in at least eight states and in at least 352 counties, the number of voters on the voting rolls exceeded the total voting age population in those states and counties by very large numbers. Anyone interested in truly fair elections would want that anomaly thoroughly investigated.

It's Not Over Yet, by any means.


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